Prepare your suitcase for your trip in Russia

Suitcase and trop in Russia
Prepare your suitcase for your trip in Russia

Traveling to Russia may seem to be complicated for some people, especially when you travel for the first time. Even if the country is considered as a developed-area in the world, there must be something visitors have to check to make sure their travel goes well. If you don't want your trip to be stressful, there are a few things that you should not forget when you are heading to Russia for vacation of for a business trip.

Get your documents

As the same as in other countries, you will be required to bring the needed documents to travel to Russia. The most important are the passport and visa. Mind them more than everything before your departure.

A gift

This is really needed if you are planning to stay in a host family or in any Russian's house. You will be more appreciated if you bring something as a gift to the family or the person who will welcome you in Russia. However, this is not a must, but it will be better if you do it.

Cash payment

Credit card is not really reasonable in Russia. It is not accepted in most of casual shops of the country. It is only used in high-class hotels and supermarkets. So it is better to have cash with you whenever you go out for shopping. You can exchange dollars and euros almost anywhere to make your payment easier. So it is essential to take a little sum of cash wherever you go.

Clothing and accessories

  • Bring a light jacket or a light sweater for the evenings which might be colder. Just wear the normal clothes of summer time in your country if you travel in summer. 
  • Bring an umbrella to avoid unexpected rainy weather. Russian weather is quite unpredictable, especially in North part or in St. Petersburg. 
  • Informal dress is more appropriate in the general situation in Russia. But if you are planning to participate to a special event, you'd better wear dark shoes and formal clothes. 
  • Take a scarf to cover your head if you are thinking of visiting religious monuments like churches.

Russian language tools

One of the commonest problems of visitors is Russian language. This is why you need to get well prepared to face Russian people who are a little bit difficult to communicate with. To make the communication easier, it is better if you have: 

  • Russian phrasebook 
  • Mini-dictionary 
  • Translation application

Other things to pack

  • Money belt: To secure your money, it is really needed especially when you are in the big city like Moscow and St. Petersburg. 
  • Electric plugs for charging your devices 
  • Phone bungee for the security 
  • Toilet paper, you may not find toilet paper in some toilets.

Ask for advice from travel agencies

To make your travel safer and more comfortable, many travel agencies are there to help you manage it. eDreams is one of the most popular online travel agencies that you can trust in to help you during your trip and visit tours. You can book your flight and your destination hotel online with eDreams. All you have to do is go to their website.