Discover Russian landscape from an airplane !

Photo Discover Russian landscape from an airplane !

The immense Russia seems difficult to discover in its entirety, even the time of a life. You have to know where to start, and Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cities not to be missed.

The largest territory in the world has so many resources that some previously unknown places will surprise many. As you will see, Russia is worth more than the clichés that remain attached to the country and its inhabitants like vodka, bling-bling, the new golden youth. And to enjoy the Russian landscape even more, a little stroll by plane is a perfect option.

The higher you get, the better view you have of the Earth

Whether it's a first flight or a leisure flight, boarding an airplane allows you to enjoy unique panoramas. And in Russia, here are the destinations to absolutely see from above: ­

  • Lake Turgoyak, This landscape is particularly preserved and offers a perfect contrast between mountain and lake. For nature lovers, diving fans or non-professional navigation addicts, this place is the one you should not miss in Russia. You may have been to Russia already but still there is one thing you might not know; it is a fabulous place to fly over. The view from above this unique greenery and rich nature in its prime state is breathtaking. ­
  • Kola Peninsula: The Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia overlooks the White Sea. Very different from the usual coastal destinations, most of the Kola Peninsula lies beyond the Arctic Circle and its rugged coastline is replete with Amethyst stones. ­
  • Lake Baikal: Baikal, in eastern Siberia, contains 20% of the world's fresh water and is the deepest lake on the planet. Most visitors go to Listvyanka on the west side of the lake, but the eastern side has much better sandy beaches. ­
  • Kurchskaya National Park KossaA: North of the Russian city of Kaliningrad is the Curonian Spit, a 98-kilometer peninsula on the Baltic Sea containing rolling sand dunes and secluded beaches. Even more unique in height, this peninsula is a real postcard decor, especially in summer. ­
  • Lake Onega: Another lake of this classification, Lake Onega is one of the largest in Europe.

Seen from ground level, it seems common to others. However, if you take a little height, you will see its unique beauty. In short, these aerial views are just overwhelming! And to say that you can see that, sitting comfortably on a plane is a dream for many.

The country's airlines

To mark your trip to Russia by plane, you can call several national airlines. Ural Airlines, UTair, Siberia Airlines are the largest companies in the country. Moreover, if you want to save up, you can perfectly turn to other companies like Pobeda.

What are you waiting for to book

Once the holidays are announced and the budget prepared, Russia and its aerial landscape is a must to do with family, in couple or alone. And to put some money aside, good deals are available on eDreams. Online booking flights, hotels and tourism activities, eDreams is a reference and a safe bet.