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Some Random Facts About The Aviation Industry

A lot of people love aviation and for them flying is a passion and a life pursuit. Flying is a completely baffling and mind-blowing experience. Here are some random facts about flights and flying which are guaranteed to make you think differently when you are on your next trip in the skies.

Its likely that you can probably fill a small book with some very interesting facts about the Boeing 747. The wingspan of the 747 is a bit longer than the distance of Wright Brother’s first flight. The engines of a 747 weigh around 9,500 pounds each and on take-off, are capable of displacing enough air for filling a Goodyear Blimp in 7 seconds. At last, all of the 747s that have ever flow have clocked enough of cumulative miles to fly to moon and come back more than 75,000 times.

Under cabin pressure conditions, a German airline Lufthansa noticed that people seemed to order tomato juice in the flight, while they never used to drink it normally while they are on ground. So with respect to that they carried out a study to check whether food tasted different in the flight. It was found that the ability to perceive seemed to be weakened due to the cabin pressure, so tomato juices tasted sweeter.

From the period 1978-1980, France’s “entertainer” Monsieur Mangetouit ate a Cessna 150. He did this in stages, breaking metal parts down into tiny pieces, and consuming a lot of water and mineral oil throughout the meal.

On commercial airliner flights, the pilot and the co-pilot never eat the same meal. This is done with respect to the safety of the craft. If the pilot is laid low by food poisoning from the pasta, the co-pilot should be still well enough to continue the flight.

It probably surprising but the President and the Vice President of the USA never fly out together. Nor do they flight with the Speaker of the House Of Representatives. As the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd in the chain of succession, a craft carrying any two of the these passengers can lead to serious disruption to the U.S government if it is crashed.